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17 months, 43 countries, and 2 vehicles


Land Rover Vehicle Manuals

Defender Manual 5.9 Mb
300 TDI Engine overhaul manual 1.3 Mb
2.6 L 6 Cylinder overhaul manual 2.2 Mb
2.25 L Weber Carburettor 999 Kb
LT230Q Transfer Box Overhaul Manual 1.0 Mb
LT230T Transfer Box Overhaul Manual 1.0 Mb
V8 Overhaul Manual 643 Kb
Range Rover TD6 manual 1.4 Mb
R380 Gearbox Overhaul Manual 1.0 Mb
LT230R Transfer Box Overhaul Manual 1.4 Mb

Equipment Manuals

Hi Lift Jack Fix-It Kit Manual 240Kb
Warn 8274 Ops Manual and Parts List 1.4 Mb

Maps and Routes

Botswana 5.9 Mb
Tsodilo Hills, Botswana 1.3 Mb
R6 Atar-Tidjikja, 400km 33 Kb

RGS Planning Guides

Desert Expeditions - Tom Sheppard 5.9 Mb
Information for Independent and Overland Travellers 1.3 Mb
Medical Problems of Environmental Extremes 130 Kb


Note: These files are now hosted at www.brownchurch.co.uk


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