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17 months, 43 countries, and 2 vehicles


This planning section is intended as a valuable resource with lots of data that can be printed out and taken along. Some of it is already there - some of the currency and fuel data is partially complete; I'd love feedback or real-time data from those in any African country.

A lot of the info on the vehicle and equipment sections is based our experiences, and looks at what we used or didn't, and what might have been better.

The resources section is there to provide you with more general travel information - a lot of it route-specific.

Future projects for which I would love to get data on will include:

  • Real time exchange rates for all countries formatted to print out on a single A4 sheet
  • Up to date Visa information for all African countries for different nationalities
  • Route information that will help you avoid some of the mistakes I made
  • GPS point database of anything of interest - oh yes please!
  • A non-commercial campsite, hostel and hotel guide - specifically for people who want to keep their vehicles off the street.
  • A cut out and keep symptom sheet for self-treatment of the likely ailments when you are in the bush and no other help is available - we'll call it the Good Stool Guide.
  • More info on where to get your vehicle fixed without creating more problems than you came in with.

That's all for now.